Test Prep Website Launches with 10 Free Tests for SAT, ACT, and Upper Level ISEE

More than three million American students stress over the SAT and ACT college admissions tests every year. Tens of millions more take annual accountability tests in their public schools as required by federal law. These students now have a new tool in their arsenal to take on standardized tests.

Piqosity, a combination of the words pique and curiosity, is a new website that lets students freely work through the equivalent of more than 10 full-length practice tests for the SAT and ACT college admissions tests plus the Upper Level ISEE private school admissions test. They get their results in real-time including detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Piqosity individualizes and adapts the learning experience. Students start by telling the website how much time they have to study and what score they want to get. For example, we told it that we wanted to study about 10 hours (750 questions) in preparation for the ACT and get an above average score. Piqosity took that information and pre-populated our student dashboard, which featured a handy progress tracker that slowly filled up as we correctly answered more practice questions.

Piqosity ACT Student Dashboard

Our “Student Dashboard” where we practiced ACT, ISEE, and SAT questions; hopefully you’ll do better than us!

The website provides lots of useful analysis to help students and their teachers maximize their potential. Play buttons on the student dashboard automatically create 15 to 25 question practice quizzes that target areas where students are weakest or haven’t done as much practice.

For example, after working through 61 questions on the ACT, we had an abysmal 0.3 out of 5 in Reading (we may have been randomly guessing). As a result, every time we pushed the green “practice” button, Piqosity served up more Reading-test questions to encourage us to practice our weakest area more.

For now, Piqosity’s¬†nearly 6,000 SAT, ACT, and ISEE questions are from about 15 hand-picked contributors and include previously released original and adapted questions. However,¬†anyone can contribute questions, and Piqosity is especially encouraging teachers to do so.

“The big wow-factor about Piqosity is that anyone can contribute content, with content being as easy as a single question,” says co-founder Shelby Joe. “Piqosity will then mix-and-match these small contributions to form a holistic, individualized course for any student. And with enough contributions, there won’t be any student whose learning style and preferences aren’t catered to.”

The ability to teach any student at their own pace for next to nothing (free for the moment) is a tall order. However, Piqosity co-founders Kannan Ramakrishnan and Shelby Joe think its one they can conquer step-by-step, and we hope they succeed. Piqosity’s individualized and adaptive 6,000 practice questions for the ACT, SAT, and Upper Level ISEE are freely available now at Piqosity.com.

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