Rice Tuition Increases 5.4% for 2011

Rice has announced that its tuition for undergraduates matriculating in fall of 2011 will increase by 5.4% over 2010 to $34,900.  Including room, board, and fees, the annual cost of a Rice education will be $47,821.  Although this figure seems high, it is generally several thousands dollars less than comparable top tier research universities.

Or only $3,333 per year if your household income is less than $80,000

Rice’s admissions process continues to be “need-blind” meaning that applicants are reviewed with no regard to whether or not they can pay the tuition.  Admitted freshmen with family incomes below $80,000 are provided with financial aid packages such that their debt burden will not exceed $10,000 across all four years.  This generous financial aid policy is on par with other well endowed universities such as Harvard and Yale.

Read Rice’s Press Release

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