Lower SAT Scores Create Opportunity for High Achievers

Fewer than 45% of seniors from the class of 2012 are prepared for college according to the College Board, the non-profit organization that administers the SAT.  Students needed to score an aggregate score of 1550 out of 2400 to indicate that they would have a 65% chance of maintaining at least a B- GPA as a college freshman.

The low scores are largely attributed to the fact that more students are taking the exam, especially among minority and low-income earners.  For example, Houston ISD began to administer the test at no charge during school hours in 2010.

The flip side to these otherwise disappointing results is that high scoring students have a better chance of getting into the coveted top 1% and other top tiers of test takers.  Especially pertinent on the PSAT, where the top 1% of test takers compete for valuable scholarships, the lower average scores makes it easier to breach this now lower threshold.

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