Op-Ed: An Argument for Game-Based Learning

Several months ago, we published an overview of educational games and their potential benefits. More recently, we also discussed a game-based productivity app in our recommended productivity apps for teens. From Minecraft-based curricula to edutainment apps for iPhone and Android, educational games are more widespread now than ever before, and likely to become more so with each passing year.

In a recent Forbes op-ed, tech writer Jordan Shapiro makes a case for the unique benefits of game-based education. The way we interact with and understand the world has moved beyond the traditional classroom model of top-down information transfer, he says. Twenty-first century Americans live in a networked world in which understanding connections is key. Game-based learning teaches students to think in this way, as traditional classroom education cannot, and thereby prepares students for twenty-first century citizenship.

You can read Shapiro’s full editorial here.

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