Op-Ed: Balancing Your Child’s Success and Your Sanity

You probably have an opinion on “helicopter parenting” – the ever-vigilant, ever-helpful parenting style practiced by many in America and around the world. Some people feel strongly that helicoptering stifles children’s independence and their ability to think and learn for themselves, but others would say that a certain amount of helicoptering is necessary to ensure that a child has the resources she needs to succeed. But both of these common arguments overlook an important point: what is the impact of helicoptering on the parents?

In a recent New York Times op-ed, author and mother Pamela Druckerman notes that hyper-involvement takes an enormous toll on parents. While she does not dispute that helicoptering can have its benefits, she encourages parents to “rein in its excesses, and keep it from getting worse.” She offers a long list of ways parents can work towards accomplishing this, including sleeping more and trying not to stress about what one might be doing wrong. Her suggestions are a worthwhile read for any parent.

You can read Druckerman’s full article here.

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