Houston Magnet School Profiles

From Turner Construction

From Turner Construction

General Academic’s book, “Houston Private and Select Public Schools, 3rd Edition” includes profiles and analysis on 23 Houston and Spring Branch ISD application-based public schools.  All of school profiles can be found on this website by clicking through one of the links below. Note that these links now go to our sister publication at HoustonSchoolSurvey.com.

Public Schools by Grade Level and Magnet Program

Houston ISD (HISD) structures its magnet programs in three different ways:

  • Schoolwide Magnet – All students, zoned and applicants, benefit from this specialized program; no application necessary for zoned students to benefit.
  • Dedicated Magnet – No students are zoned to these schools; everyone is admitted based off their qualifying applications.
  • School-Within-A-School (SWAS) – Admitted students benefit from a specialized program but may also take normal classes; zoned students generally may participate in the special program without applying.


HISD Elementary Schools (PreK-5)

Schoolwide IB, STEM SWAS
Dedicated Art, Comm, Comp, Life
Dedicated Mandarin Immersion
Schoolwide IB, Dual Language SWAS
Schoolwide IB, Neighborhood Vanguard
Schoolwide IB, Neighborhood Vanguard
Schoolwide IB, Neighborhood Vanguard


HISD Middle Schools (6-8)

Schoolwide IB, Vanguard SWAS
Neighborhood Vanguard
Dedicated Vanguard, Language SWAS
Dedicated Vanguard, Special Needs

HISD High Schools (9-12)

Schoolwide IB, World Languages SWAS
Dedicated Vanguard
Dedicated Health Sciences Magnet
Dedicated Arts Magnet
Schoolwide IB, Business SWAS
Schoolwide IB, Computer SWAS
Research & Technology SWAS


SBISD All Grades

Dedicated Magnet
Dedicated Magnet