Annunciation Orthodox School

Annunciation Orthodox School (AOS) was established in the educational building of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral for early childhood children in 1970.  AOS now serves Delphi Class (age 3) through the Eighth Grade, with a student body averaging 670 students.  AOS provides curriculum guided by the Greek Orthodox faith, with an emphasis on family and community.  AOS received its accreditation through the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest in 1989.

Annunciation Orthodox School

3600 Yoakum Blvd., Houston, TX 77006                           Mr. Mark Kelly, Head of School

713-470-5600                                                   Ms. Maria Newton, Director of Admissions

Religious Affiliation

Annunciation Orthodox School bases its program on the Greek Orthodox Christian faith.  AOS incorporates this faith’s 2,000 year old traditions and history into its curriculum through weekly religion courses and chapel services.  Middle school students are required to attend AGAPE and participate in the Chapel Buddy Program.  AGAPE is an assembly held each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and includes 5-minute speeches given by seventh and eighth grade students (every student must give one speech each year).  The Chapel Buddy Program pairs a seventh grader with a kindergartener in an interactive relationship that extends into eighth grade.  They attend chapel and participate in a number of activities together.  AOS respects diverse cultures and religious backgrounds in its students and faculty and encourages its students to do the same.

Location and Facilities

The school is located near the corner of Montrose and West Alabama, just across from St. Thomas University.  AOS’s campus features a running track, athletic field, activity center, and a 64,000 square foot building all of which cover two city blocks.  The neighborhood surrounding the campus of AOS includes the Menil Collection and the Rothko Chapel.


The application process includes 1) the online application; 2) a student photo; 3) a copy of the student’s transcript (grades 1-8); 4) teacher recommendation forms; 5) standardized test scores; and 6) a group assessment/test.  Students entering the Delphi Class (age 3), Prekindergarten (age 4), and Kindergarten (age 5) must be of age by July 15th, while students entering first grade must be 6 years of age by September 1st and have completed a year in a full-day kindergarten program.  The WISC is administered by a professional diagnostician for grades one through four, while students in Kindergarten are given the WPPSI.

With the exception of the Delphi Class and Preschool students, all applicants must have Teacher Recommendation Forms completed and sent to the school by the student’s current teacher.  Students entering grades five through eight must complete either the WISC or OLSAT and complete the ISEE on campus or at an approved ISEE testing site.  Students entering grades five through eight must also be interviewed by AOS and visit the school for half a day with a shadow host.

Academic Tracks and Curriculum

AOS provides an advanced academic track and Pre-AP courses that are designed to be intensive and challenging.  The Lower School develops students’ capabilities in art, creative writing, computer skills, Greek (language and history), social studies, language arts, religion, math, and study skills.  The Middle School further challenges students in these same subjects, while introducing Spanish, science, digital photography, and drama.  On-Track courses are not offered at AOS, only Honors and Pre-AP courses.  AOS posts a detailed map of their curriculum on their website (under Academics) entitled Atlas: AOS Curriculum.

Special Needs

No information provided about accommodations for students with learning differences such as ADHD, dysgraphia, or processing disorders.

Foreign Languages

Annunciation Orthodox School instructs students in pre-school to fourth grade in Greek and students in sixth to eighth grade in Spanish.  Both languages are required.  AOS introduces students to foreign languages through the culture and history of ancient Greece and Hispanic peoples.  Students interact with the breadth of Greek mythology and learn the stories of the Greek Pantheon.  In Spanish, students study the influence of Hispanic culture in North and South America.


AOS incorporates enrichment courses into its curriculum that allow students to explore self-expression through art, digital photography, music, and drama.  Students demonstrate their artistic talents at the end of each academic year in AOS’s Night of the Arts celebration.  Art projects are put on display for the AOS community to view, and students demonstrate their musical abilities in performances.


As part of the curriculum, students at AOS are introduced to computers as early as Pre-School.  Students are instructed in the uses of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online research, computer languages, html, and more.  By the end of their eighth grade year, AOS students will have worked with CSS, WYSIWYG, and WIX.COM and will be proficient in the use of the QWERTY keyboard.

Extracurricular Activities

In music, students can participate in the Lower or Middle School Chorus, Chamber Choir, and the Orffestra (a small percussion group of Orff instruments).  In drama, students can participate in plays, such as the 2011 performance of Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man.”  AOS publishes its own student led literary magazine called Caught in the Pages, which features art and writing from students (grades 2-8), faculty, and award winning pieces.  AOS also highlights the importance of community service and provides students with access to numerous programs.


AOS features five sports programs for boys, six for girls, and two co-ed programs.  Boys and girls can participate in Track & Field (spring) and Cross Country (fall).  Girls can participate in Field Hockey and Volleyball in the fall, Basketball and Soccer in the winter, and Lacrosse and Softball in the spring.  Boys can participate in Football and Volleyball in the fall, Basketball and Soccer in the winter, and Lacrosse in the spring.  Track & Field and Cross Country are introduced in sixth grade, while all other sports programs are introduced in seventh grade.

Parent Involvement

Parents can join the AOS Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) and the Dads Club to become more involved at AOS.  PTC is the school’s flagship parent involvement organization.  Consisting of parent representatives from each grade and elected officers, the Club facilities numerous events and activities such as awards ceremonies, teacher appreciation prizes, and parent education activities. Its major fundraisers include an annual gala, book fair, and spaghetti supper.  The Dads Club meets for breakfast a handful of times a year to discuss topics such as school finances, athletics, and general parenting issues.  Its major fundraiser is an annual golf tournament.  The Club also organizes general social events such as a BBQ Cook-off and viewings of athletic events like March Madness.

Annunciation Orthodox School Fast Facts

School Type Religious, Coeducational
Religious Affiliation  Greek Orthodox
Uniforms Yes
Date Founded 1970
Endowment N/A
Grades Served Age 3 – 8th
Enrollment 678
     Grade 8 73
     Grade 7 71
     Grade 6 74
     Grade 5 77
     Grade 4 60
     Grade 3 62
     Grade 2 60
     Grade 1 60
     Kindergarten 62
     Pre-Kindergarten 79
Student to Teacher Ratio 11:1
Faculty with Advanced Degrees (#/%) 70/45%
Minorities in Student Body 15%
Academic Tracks Offered Honors, Pre-AP
Languages Offered Greek, Spanish
Calendar (Semester / Trimester / Other) Semester
Interscholastic Sports Programs 9
Natural Entry Points Pre-K, K, 6
Open House/Tours Appointment
Early Childhood: 5 half days $14,140
Early Childhood: 5 full days $16,120
Lower School: K – 4 $16,850
Upper School: 5 – 8 $19,130
New/Returning Student Fee $500
8th Grade DC Trip $1,335
Books and Supplies (Grade 5 – 8) ~$600
New Family Fee $300
Students on Financial Aid 20%


Excerpted from General Academic’s publication, “Houston Private & Select Public Schools: Survey, Analysis, and Research, 3rd Edition.”

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