HISD Student Congress Will Represent Pupils’ Perspective on District Policy

In last night’s meeting, in addition to approving the plan for the Arabic immersion magnet school, the HISD board also addressed a proposal that could impact students across the district. The board voted 7-0 to recognize a group called the HISD Student Congress as a representation of the voice of the students in making district policy.

The HISD Student Congress is composed of approximately 100 high schoolers from more than 25 district schools. The group, which had its inaugural meeting in September of this year, was formed¬†with the goal of serving as “a bridge between students and administrators.” The organization’s founders felt that students had too little input on district-wide decisions that impacted them. Now, with the official approval of the HISD board, the Student Congress will be able to give that input.

Members of the Student Congress had already attended multiple HISD board meetings this year, and the organization will continue to send members to all future board meetings. The group also holds its own independent meetings once per month, with meeting location rotating among several district high schools.

As an organization representing the interests of all HISD students, the Student Congress is open to any and all students in the district. There is no application process; one need only join the mailing list and come to meetings in order to be considered a member. If your child might be interested, you can learn more here. The Student Congress is potentially an excellent way for students to become more engaged in education while also learning leadership skills and building their resumes.

Parents and community members can also become involved in the Student Congress as it grows and develops. If you think you might be interested, you can learn more here.

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