Texas Public School Enrollment Numbers Soar in 2013-2014 School Year

AlgebraIIThe 2014-2014 school year brought Texas its highest ever number of students enrolled in public schools throughout the state.  According to a November 2014 report published by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas public school enrollment has increased by almost 19% since 2003. Currently, there are over 5 million students enrolled in public schools in Texas.

The demographic breakdown shows that over half of the state’s K-12 student population attending are Latino, responsible for 51.8% of the state’s public school population.  The report also showed that white students made up 29.5% of the student population, with African-American students accounting for 12.7% of the state’s student populace. Asian students accounted for 3.7% and multiracial students made up 1.9% of the overall student body.

The dramatic increase in students enrolled in Texas public schools should come as no surprise. Texas has been inundated in the past decade with new residents. It is one of the fastest growing states in the US with a total population of 26.45 million and growing.

The report also highlighted Houston as the largest regional education service center in the state. According the report, Houston serves 22.3% of the total number of students in Texas.

The complete TEA report is available to read at http://tea.texas.gov/acctres/enroll_index.html.

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