New on Houston School Survey: Veritas Christian Academy of Houston

VeritasThe newest school to be profiled by the Houston School Survey is Veritas Christian Academy of Houston.

Veritas Christian Academy of Houston opened in 2002 at its present location on Ferris St. in Bellaire. It was founded by the current Head of School, Lamia Raad, and parents from the community. The mission of Veritas is to support families in raising Christian children who are equipped to follow their faith in the modern world. The school emphasizes a “biblically integrated education” which focuses on developing Christlike character as well as academic prowess and physical fitness.

Veritas offers grades PreK3-8. It is divided into a preschool (PreK3-PreK4), a lower school (K-4), and a middle school (5-8).

You can read a full-length profile of Veritas Christian Academy and view its quick facts and statistics at our sister publication, the Houston School Survey. The Houston School Survey is a free service which offers profiles and analysis of select public and private schools, with the goal of helping parents make informed decisions about their children’s education.

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