Virginia Tech Ranks Top for Best On-Campus Food

College food can leave something to be desired. When the staple dorm foods of pizza, tacos and sandwiches wear thin, weary students must eventually make use of those coveted meal plan dollars and head to the dining hall. But not all college food options are created equal. Niche put together a ranking of the top schools with the best food options from VT foodaround the country, and the Huffington Post graciously listed the rankings in mouthwatering visual form.

Virginia Tech holds the top spot for its high marks with students and low meal plan cost. Virginia Tech also serves up some seriously enticing gourmet meals, including an Eggs Benedict with asparagus and a hollandaise sauce that allegedly “makes the dish.” ¬†Mouthwatering snaps compiled by Business Insider from the VT students’ Instagram showcase the plethora of restaurant-quality meal options the students receive.

Washington University in St. Louis ranked 2nd for offering students “a wide variety of places to get food that are open for long amounts of time.” They also emphasized their commitment to sustainability by encouraging students to use washable china and recycling their cooking oil for biodiesel trucks used around campus.

The top 10 schools in order include Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, Bowdoin College, James Madison University, University of Georgia, Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, Bates College in Maine, University of Notre Dame and UC Davis.

The University of Georgia, ranked # 5, is particularly fancy, producing its own brand of caviar. However, it’s not clear exactly how many meal plan dollars are needed for purchase.

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