Grace School Wins Garden Grant

Grace SchoolGardens can be a wonderful educational tool. They can be used to teach about nutrition, as well as the foundations of biology, in a hands-on and student-centered way. And for young students especially, they can also serve as resources for personal growth – by caring for a garden faithfully and eventually harvesting its produce, children can learn the value of responsibility.

Grace School, a private Presbyterian school in west Houston, already has an educational garden tended by its K-2 students. But now, thanks to a $2,000 grant from the Whole Kids Foundation and FoodCorps, the school’s garden program will be growing (if you’ll pardon the pun). The grant will provide for upgrades to garden facilities and open up new possibilities for planting, and it will also cover the implementation of a Ready to Grow Gardens curriculum developed in partnership with Whole Foods. The new garden curriculum will focus on nutrition and healthy eating, including basic cooking skills, in addition to gardening proper.

You can read more at Grace School’s news blog.

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