Apply for Tapia Math-Science Scholars Program by May 8

Image courtesy of CanStockPhoto.

Image courtesy of CanStockPhoto.

Houston students benefit from a wealth of summer enrichment opportunities, including everything from test prep to day camp at the natural science museum.

Today, we’d like to spotlight a summer program hosted by Rice University: the Tapia Math-Science Scholars Program. This is an all-costs-paid, one-month residential program in which rising high school juniors and seniors (and even recent graduates) learn the foundational principles they will need to succeed in calculus. In addition to lecture-style math classes, students will participate in team-based applied mathematics research.

The Scholars Program is open to HISD students only. The Program is looking for students who have taken three years of high-school-level math already and who are planning to take calculus the following year. The program also requires that applicants be in grades 10-12, with a GPA of at least 3.0 and a B or higher in all math and science classes for the current academic year. The deadline to apply is May 8; you can learn more about the application here.

The program is named for Dr. Richard Tapia, one of Rice’s most notable faculty members. Tapia, a mathematician, has made a name for himself both as a scholar and as a crusader for minority representation in the sciences. His dedication to providing opportunities for members of under-represented groups led him to found the Tapia Center for Excellence & Equity in Education. His mathematical research, meanwhile, has been recognized by the National Science Board and even the White House – in 2011, he was awarded the National Medal of Science.

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