2015 Children at Risk Scores Released

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Public school parents, take note – the Children at Risk scores for Greater Houston schools were made available yesterday.

Children at Risk (CAR) is a Houston-based nonprofit which aims to improve the lives of Texas’ children – particularly disadvantaged children – through research, political activism, and collaborative action with other organizations and groups. Among its many other accomplishments and ongoing projects, CAR serves as an independent judge and monitor for the effectiveness of Texas’ public schools.

Every year, CAR grades public schools in the Houston metro area (plus Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio) on how well they are serving their students. Schools are given a score between A+ and F. These grades are calculated on the basis of four factors: student achievement (as measured by STAAR scores), academic support for low-income students (as measured by STAAR scores), student progress (as measured by changes in STAAR scores over time), and college readiness (as measured by graduation rates, ACT and SAT scores, and AP and IB scores).

You can look up your child’s school and learn more about how to intepret the CAR rankings at the Houston Chronicle.

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