Thank a Teacher This Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4-8 of this year marks the annual celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week. It can be tempting to brush this off as yet another commercialized greeting-card holiday – doesn’t everything have its own day or week nowadays? But the simple fact is that teachers really do deserve our appreciation, and the existence of a recognized event like Teacher Appreciation Week is a useful reminder to thank them.

Teachers make a huge difference. A good teacher can inspire students to want to do well, to achieve beyond their own or their parents’ expectations – to achieve things they didn’t know they could. Teachers can encourage students to develop a lifelong love of learning and think about the world in new ways. Many teachers go above and beyond, coming in early or staying late to help individual students or perfect their lesson plans. And they do it because they care about their students.

This week, we encourage you to think about the teachers who are making a positive impact on your child’s life, and thank them. A little gift, a card – even a quick email to express your appreciation. Because teachers work hard, and they deserve to be recognized.

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