Celebrate Chinese New Year with these Monkey Questions for the New SAT

Monkeys at the Rock of Gibraltar

Monkeys at the Rock of Gibraltar

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebration, also referred to as Spring Festival. This year, the two-week holiday to mark the year of the Monkey lasts from February 8 through February 22 with the celebration of the Lantern Festival.

If you want to wish someone a happy new year in Chinese Mandarin, you can say, “gong-xi-fa-cai” pronounced like “gong-shee-faa-tsai.” This is written as 恭喜发财。

The individualized practice website Piqosity is celebrating the new year with a fun, monkey-themed problem set for the New SAT. Below is a link to the problem set.

Pro Tip – Behind the monkey veneer, these are just normal SAT questions. Don’t let all the monkey business distract you from understanding what the question is asking!

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