The Awty International School

The Awty International School (AIS) was originally founded as the Awty School in 1956 as a preschool, eventually adding an Upper School by 1975.  In 1984, the Awty School merged with the French School of Houston and became the Awty International School. With more than 1500 students, AIS proclaims to be the second largest international school in the United States and the largest private school in Houston.  AIS is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, the Council of International Schools, and the French Ministry of Education.

The Awty International School

7455 Awty School Lane, Houston, TX 77055      Dr. Stephen Codrington, Head of School

713-686-4850                                                Ms. Erika Benavente, Director of Admissions

Religious Affiliation


Location and Facilities

The Awty International School’s campus covers 15-acres of land and includes two covered basketball/volleyball courts, an athletics center, two soccer fields, and three gymnasiums.  The school is currently undertaking a building campaign that would embarrass some small colleges.  In 2012, it opened a new, three-story, 65,000 square foot LEED certified building to house more of everything including 33 classrooms, a new dining hall, and art classrooms.  It also built a new five-story parking garage.  In the summer of 2013, it began expansion of its Lower School, which will add 15,000 square feet.  AIS is located just outside the 610 Loop, off of I-10 and Post Oak, in an urban area of professional offices and shopping centers.  The campus is gated, with a security checkpoint at the entrance.


AIS features two academic programs in which students can enroll: the International Section and the French Section.  Depending on grade, students will need specific teacher recommendation forms and will need to take the WISC IV, WPPSI, or the OLSAT.  Students entering Pre-K through 5th grade will need a Parent Statement, while students entering 6th grade to 12th grade will need a Student Statement, both of which provide the school a brief introduction to the student.  Students entering grades 5 through 12 must take the ISEE.

Academic Tracks and Curriculum

Awty features two possible academic tracks that students may take.  The French Section follows the requirements and curriculum as determined by the French Ministry.  The French Section’s curriculum is no different from any other international French accredited school and students earn a French Baccalauréat based upon their 11th and 12th grade test scores.

The International Section follows a very similar curriculum as those used in American schools up until the 10th grade.  During the students’ 11th and 12th grade years in the International Section, the curriculum follows the required path towards an International Baccalaureate diploma.  In order to graduate, students are required to complete six subjects, three “Higher Level” and three “Standard Level” courses.  These subjects include: first language, second language, math, science, social science, and an IB elective.  Students must also complete 150 hours of CAS (community, action, and service), a 4,000 word research essay, and a capstone course titled “Theory of Knowledge.”

Special Needs

No information provided.

Foreign Languages

Awty’s student body is made up of children from more than 50 countries, and Awty’s foreign language curriculum represents that diversity.  Awty emphasizes fluency, and all language programs are structured with this emphasis in mind.  Early Childhood students are enrolled in a dual-language program, where one day is in English and the other is in either French or Spanish.  Middle School and Upper School language programs include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Norwegian.


Awty integrates the fine arts into its curriculum as a demonstration that students who participate in the fine arts are more well-rounded individuals.  In the visual arts, students are exposed to many different types of media throughout their entire education, such as digital studio and photography.  In the performing arts, 6th and 7th grade students participate in either the Triple Switch program, a set of six classes lasting one term each that includes music and theatre arts, or Band.  Students in higher grades can participate in Awty’s Choir, Orchestra, Dance ensembles, IB Art and Theatre courses, Jazz Band, and more.


No information provided.

Extracurricular Activities

As part of the requirements for the IB program, students attending Awty must earn CAS hours (Creativity, action, and service).  Students may earn these hours through a number of extracurricular programs, including community service projects.  Students may participate in a variety of clubs, such as language clubs, the Book Club, Anime Club, Guitar, Knitting, and Culinary Club.  Awty also hosts a Literary Magazine, a Speech and Debate team, a Model United Nations, and much more.


Students in grades 6 through 12 may participate in any of the sports programs available at the Awty International School.   Middle School students play in the Greater Houston Athletic Conference and Upper School students play in The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.  Awty hosts Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Swimming, Track, and Tennis.  Students may fulfill a portion of their CAS hours requirements by participating in sports.

Parent Involvement

While the Awty Parents & Personnel Association (APPA) is the school’s primary volunteer organization, parents can also join the Awty Dads’ Club or the Rams Booster Club. The APPA helps organize Dragon Boat races, festivals, and teacher appreciation week.

The Awty International School Fast Facts

School Type International
Religious Affiliation None
Uniforms Yes
Date Founded 1956
Endowment (2012) $4.1 million
Grades Served Pre-K – 12
Enrollment 1206
     Grade 12 84
     Grade 11 85
     Grade 10 96
     Grade 9 88
     Grade 8 84
     Grade 7 81
     Grade 6 94
     Grade 5 86
     Grade 4 76
     Grade 3 82
     Grade 2 88
     Grade 1 80
     Kindergarten 79
     Pre-Kindergarten 103
Student to Teacher Ratio 9:1
Faculty with Advanced Degrees (#/%) 98/52%
Minorities in Student Body 26%
Academic Tracks Offered French Section, IB Section
International Baccalaureate Courses 52
Languages Offered English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Dutch
Calendar (Semester / Trimester / Other) Trimester
Interscholastic Sports Programs 8
Graduating Seniors
National Merit Semi-Finalists 2013 (#/%) 2/2%
Average SAT Scores (Class of 2012) 1810-2140
     Mathematics (Middle 50%) 620-720
     Critical Reading (Middle 50%) 580-700
     Writing (Middle 50%) 610-720
% Students Admitted to 4 Year University N/A
Natural Entry Points Pre-K, K, 6, 9
Preschool $15,546
Kindergarten $16,574
Lower School $17,465
Middle School $19,600
Grades 9-12 $21,291
Capital Building Fee $1,000
Books and Supplies ~$600
New Family Fee $800
IB Fee $765
Students on Financial Aid N/A


Excerpted from General Academic’s publication, “Houston Private & Select Public Schools: Survey, Analysis, and Research, 3rd Edition.”