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UNT Denton; image from UNT website

Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) is an extension of the University of North Texas at Denton.

In the one year since its launch, over 70,000 inquisitive users have visited A publication of Rice-village academic consulting firm General Academic, Houston School Survey provides expert analysis, research, school profiles, and reader-submitted reviews on more than 80 private and select public schools in the greater Houston area.

Top 10 Most Researched Schools

  1. St. John’s School
  2. Awty International School
  3. Kinkaid School
  4. Texas Academy for Math and Science
  5. Post Oak School
  6. The Village School
  7. Duchesne Academy
  8. Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan Middle School
  9. The John Cooper School
  10. British School of Houston

The top schools on the list aren’t all that surprising.

St. John’s is generally regarded as the most prestigious and smartest school in the city given its posh River Oaks location and abundance of National Merit Semi-Finalists. Along with its crosstown rival Kinkaid, a publisher recently titled St. John’s as one of the 50 best independent schools in the nation.

Awty is generally regarded as one of the largest if not the largest international school in the United States. Add sheer size to the fact that many of its expatriate students necessarily need to conduct “off-site research,” it makes sense they rank highly. A recent construction boom and new leadership adds to its widening appeal.

Like St. John’s, Kinkaid has its reputation as the oldest private school in Houston boosting its recognition. In contrast to St. John’s however, Kinkaid attracts a wider audience – its large endowment helps with diversity while a less extreme emphasis on standardized test scores lends to an overall less competitive atmosphere. A lush campus in semi-bucolic west Houston also adds to its attractiveness.

If St. John’s School is the smartest school in Houston, then the Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) is the St. John’s of Texas. In fact, by simple count of National Merit Semi-Finalists, TAMSters (as they affectionally call themselves) are the smartest bunch in the state. A big plus for TAMS is that it’s mostly free if you’re a Texas resident.

While the top four schools are relatively easy to explain, number five is a little bit more complicated because Post Oak has neither size nor snob appeal going for it. However, the Montessori students at Post Oak School probably appreciate their nuanced recognition level. A shiny new high school in the Museum District gives a lot of families something new to talk about, and pictures of photogenic, happy children only reinforces the idea that maybe Montessori kids really are better off.

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