St. Pius X High School

St. Pius X High School educates approximately 650 young men and women in the Dominican tradition.  The Dominican Sisters, a Catholic women’s group, founded St. Pius X High School in 1956 as part of Bishop Wendelin Nold’s campaign to form new high schools in Houston.  50 years prior to St. Pius X’s opening, the Dominican Sisters founded St. Agnes Academy, an all-girl’s Catholic high school.  St. Pius X is coeducational and also hosts a number of international students from over 20 different countries in its foreign exchange program.

St. Pius X High School

811 W. Donovan St., Houston, TX 77091                 Sister Donna Pollard, O.P., President

713-692-3581                                                     Ms. Susie Kramer, Director of Admissions

Religious Affiliation

As the Dominican Sisters sponsor St. Pius X High School, the school follows the Four Pillars of the Dominican charism, which develops the social, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects of a student.  These pillars are prayer, study, community, and teaching.   Religious affiliation in the school is 71% Catholic students and 29% non-Catholic students.  Ministry at the school includes justice education, service learning, retreats, and liturgies.

Location and Facilities

St. Pius is located in the North Heights near the intersection of North Shepherd and West Tidwell Road.  It is easily accessed off of I-45 and the 610 Loop.  The campus is surrounded mostly by single-family homes on the North, West, and South.  Commercial real estate is on the school’s East side.  The spacious, wooded campus features a football stadium and baseball/ softball fields.


St. Pius X requires all applicants to complete the application form, which contains the Student Information Form (filled out by the parent) and the Student Inquiry Form (filled out by the student).  The student must handwrite an essay about his/her short-term and long-term goals and why St. Pius X will satisfy those goals.  Along with the application and essay, evaluation forms from the student’s current principal/counselor, English teacher, and math teacher must also be submitted.  Students are required to take the HSPT.  Once all of the material has been submitted and deemed acceptable, students entering 9th grade and their parents will take part in an interview with St. Pius X faculty.  Shadowing is available upon appointment.

Academic Tracks and Curriculum

St. Pius X features an Honors Track, which includes Advanced Placement courses, and a College Preparatory Track. The school offers Advanced Placement courses in English Literature, English Language, Government, Biology, Latin, Spanish, Computer Science, US History, Calculus AB, and Calculus BC.  St. Pius X also offers students the option of three dual-credit courses, which are English IV, Psychology, and Government.

Students must earn 26 credits to graduate: English (4), Theology (4), Math (4), Science (4), Social Studies (4), Foreign Language/Reading Development (2), Physical Education (1.5), Fine Arts (1), Health (.5), Speech (.5), and Christian Service Learning (.5).

Special Needs

Upon submission of the application, St. Pius X reviews the student’s information and determines if there is a need for accommodations.  If there is a need, the application is sent to The Learning for Success Program.  The parents are then given the option to apply to the program and submit the student’s most recent psycho-educational evaluation.  The Learning for Success Program Director reviews the application and determines whether or not the student will receive accommodations on the HSPT.  Admittance to the program is based on entrance exam scores, the application and evaluation form, an interview, and recommendations. Accommodations include academic strategy courses, in-class observation and support, after school tutorials, math and reading programs, extended time on tests, consultation and strategies for working with learning differences, and individualized accommodation plans.  The Learning for Success Program is split into three tiers with varying degrees of support and accommodations: Tier 3 (no fee), Tier 2 ($1500), and Tier 1 ($2000, 9th to 10th grade only).

Foreign Languages

St. Pius X features foreign language courses in French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin, including Advanced Placement courses in Spanish and Latin.  Students must take two years of the same language to satisfy graduation requirements.


St. Pius X hosts a variety of fine arts programs, such as band, choir, theatre, and Jazz Band.  Students can enroll in courses that will develop their skills in ceramics, painting, jewelry, and more.  Students may choose to participate in Digital Photography, which teaches students how to take, edit, and print digital photographs.  The school also offers a course in Graphic Design Techniques, where students will work with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe In Design CS4. 


St. Pius has a Business and Computer Science Department, which offers Computer Science as one of its courses.

Extracurricular Activities

St. Pius X hosts more than 23 clubs and organizations in which students may participate.  Students may join clubs such as Anime, Black History, Cheerleading, Respect Life, and the Spanish Club.  Students may also join societies such as International Thespians Society and the National Honors Society.  Students interested in organizations that involve government may join the Student Council or the Student Cabinet, a group that acts as representatives of St. Pius X in events such as the Souper Bowl and Annual Baby Food Drive.


St. Pius fields 21 teams across 13 sports: football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, rugby, soccer, swimming, wrestling, baseball, golf, softball, tennis, and track.  Over half of St. Pius X’s student body participates in its athletics programs.  St. Pius X’s athletic department also hosts a Booster Club in which two representatives from each sport are encouraged to participate.

Parent Involvement

Parents may join the Booster Club to support athletics or the Parent Association (PA). The PA hosts events, such as College Night, the annual Gala, and Open House.

St. Pius X Fast Facts

School Type Religious, Coeducational
Religious Affiliation Catholic
Uniforms Yes
Date Founded 1956
Endowment N/A
Grades Served 9-12
Enrollment 653
     Grade 12 156
     Grade 11 167
     Grade 10 169
     Grade 9 161
Student to Teacher Ratio 13:1
Faculty with Advanced Degrees (%) 65%
Minorities in Student Body 53%
Academic Tracks Offered College Preparatory, Honors/AP
Advanced Placement Courses Offered 10
Languages Offered French, Italian, Spanish, Latin
Calendar (Semester / Trimester / Other) Semester
Interscholastic Sports Programs 13
Graduating Seniors  
National Merit Semi-Finalists (#/%) N/A
Average SAT Scores N/A
     Mathematics N/A
     Critical Reading N/A
     Writing N/A
% Students Admitted to 4 Year University N/A
Prime Entry Points 9th grade
Tuition Grades 9-12 $12,500
Tier 1 Learning Center $2,500
Tier 2 Learning Center $2,000
New Student Fee $300
Registration Fee $225
Application Fee $50
Students on Financial Aid N/A

Excerpted from General Academic’s publication, “Houston Private & Select Public Schools: Survey, Analysis, and Research, 3rd Edition.”

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