HISD Schools to Audit Fine Arts Instruction for Compliance with State Policy

Under the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), all students are required to be taught music, theater, and the visual arts. It is not mandated that all of these be taught by specialists; in some cases, it is acceptable to integrate them into standard classroom instruction.

Many Houston-area school districts have staffing guidelines under which each school must employ at least one art teacher and at least one music teacher. HISD, however, allows schools autonomy in the matter of how to staff for and cover fine arts subject areas.

Unfortunately, there are concerns that under this policy, some schools have fallen out of compliance with state guidelines. To remedy this, HISD’s fine arts manager Walter Smith Jr. announced Monday that all HISD schools must self-audit their fine arts offerings. Those whose reports show non-compliance with state guidelines will be asked to make the necessary changes to meet TEKS standards.

Ericka Mellon with the Houston Chronicle has more.

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